Harem Yoga Pants

Harem yoga pants have gained popularity in recent years. This is because they are not only comfy, but they are shaped ideally to practice yoga in. Their comfy waist and loose fitting legs are ideal for twisting and bending during yoga practice. Harem yoga pants are known by a variety of names such as “elephant pants”, “Aladdin pants”, “genie pants”, “Sarouel pants”, “Thai pants”, “pantaloons”, “bloomers” and “parachute pants”. These interestingly shaped pants come with an interesting history.

Harem pants are considered an exotic article of clothing in Western fashion. Even though Westerns look at these pants as exotic, they are worn as a daily piece of clothing in the Middle Eastern, African, and Asian cultures. Harem pants originated in Persia about 2,000 years ago. They were originally worn by both men and women. They slowly began to be worn by women only later on. Eventually the trend infiltrated Europe and women began to wear these Harem styled pants under skirts and dresses.

Women who wore these pants were considered high fashioned and modest. The modesty comes from the blousy nature of the pants – the loose fitting does not emphasize the shape of the woman’s leg. Eventually women almost exclusively wore Harem pants under dresses as a sort of bloomers. They were worn under skirts and dresses to allow women to partake in activities such as riding bicycles and horseback riding without having to give up their feminine attire. These pants were used as a stepping-stone to modern day women’s pants.

There are several different types of harem yoga pants. There is the traditional style that has an elastic waist, loose fitting legs, and are cinched around the ankles.

Western fashion has produced Harem sweatpants that are considered to be the original skinny sweats. They have the traditional cinched ankles and elastic waist but have a skinnier leg shaped and are made out of a sweat-pant material. Harem capris have also been introduced. They follow the traditional Harem pant shape but are cinched around the calf instead of around the ankle. The structure and flexibility of the different types of Harem pants is why they have become popular in Western culture to wear during yoga practice.

It is important to wear the right articles of clothing while practicing yoga. It must be very breathable and able to move and bend without restricting the oxygen flow in the body. This is why Harem pants have become a large part of the yoga fashion industry. The elastic waist allows for the belly to expand with each breath and allows for the body to bend in all directions during practice. The loose fitting legs prevent restriction when getting into difficult poses. The cinched ankles prevent the pants from getting in the way during practice. Even though these pants have been around for thousands of years, they have recently become a staple in the yoga community because of how well they breath and flow.

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