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The Do’s and Don’ts of What to Wear To Yoga Class

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Looking forward to starting your first yoga class? Well, there is much to learn, but first, some guidelines on dressing. There are no real rules regarding apparel in yoga since each class can differ significantly. However, experience over the years has taught yogis what is acceptable and unacceptable during practice. This article looks at what to wear and what to avoid when preparing for yoga.

What to Avoid When Dressing for Yoga

Loose Pants, Tops, Or Short – This is mainly an issue to do with etiquette more than it is a rule. You see, yoga involves many turns and twits some of which include upside down poses. Having the confidence that you are properly covered increases your performance and concentration.

Wearing loose clothing keeps you on guard all the time fearing that you may have compromised your privacy. Since a yoga class is a public place, maintain decency and help others feel comfortable around you. While shorts are perfect for certain sports, they may leave you thoroughly exposed during yoga.

Tight Clothes that Cannot Stretch – Wearing jeans to a yoga class is uncomfortable, strenuous, and restricting. That is why you should never wear tight pants or materials that do not stretch. They may restrict your movement, or tear in certain poses.

Shoes and Socks – Planning to bring a trendy pair of shoes to the class? Even if you have to wear them, you cannot have them on during practice. Having shoes, sandals, or socks can keep you from having a firm grip on the yoga mat. Shoes or socks are removed the moment practice begins. Having socks on can easily cause a slip or fall during practice and should be avoided.

Dense Fabrics – One of the key issues you should consider during yoga practice is comfort. Having dense fabrics prevents air from flowing freely in and out from your body. This is when we say they lack breathability. Clothes made of cotton, polyester, or nylon easily soak in sweat, lock in air and do not dry quickly. This can lead to discomfort or even rashes.

Thin, holy, or light colored – It is common for anyone to have a favorite pair of leggings that they love wearing all the time. However good they may be, the yoga class may not exactly be the place for them. Check to make sure they don’t have holes, or that they are see-through. Light colored pants also have a tendency to be see through even when the material is thick.

What to Consider When Dressing for Yoga

Breathable Clothes – ensure that your clothes are sweat absorbent and they allow air to flow in and out easily. Something like this would be perfect.

Dark clothes – Black, navy blue, chocolate, or any dark colored apparel is ideal for yoga. They do not expose you or what you may be wearing under your clothes.

Fitting apparel – these will keep you feeling free and allow the yoga teacher to see your poses.

Have some layers on top – In colder weather, it is important to carry some extra clothes in case the cold starts biting. You can easily shed them when you warm up to the exercises.